Size: 18HP – Depth: 40mm / 1.5”

Power: +12V 140mA / -12V 100mA

Is a powerhouse ART controller that takes MIDI in via the USB or DIN connector and outputs 8 ART channels with 8 velocity CV plus 8 drum triggers. Together with the ART oscillators the OCTOPUS provide unprecedented simplicity connecting the modular to your computer sequencers, hardware midi sequencers and keyboards. Each ART channel can play polyphonic notes, monophonic notes or create multi-channel polyphony using an internal voice manager. All together OCTOPUS can play more voices and notes from a single controller than ever was possible in modular. Using ART high speed control signals OCTOPUS can maintain low jitter for tight timing. OCTOPUS is our first ART controller with more to follow, please select between Octopus or ART V/Oct Quantizer to get started with ART. Please note, OCTOPUS is not a 1V/Oct midi to CV and should not be confused as one.

Current Firmware: download

G-Mode Firmware: download



Size: 8HP – Depth: 40mm / 1.5”

Power: +12V 38mA / -12V 4mA

Is a four channel CV to ART Quantizer to play ART oscillators from CV sequencers, LFOs and anything that outputs CV. This is our second ART controller option and is designed for those of us playing ART without a computer or MIDI source. The inputs take in positive, negative, bipolar CV voltages. Scales include Major Minor and the five other modes (Dorian, Lydian, etc). The module is simple to set up with a simple menu and one knob with switch for navigation. The 4th channel can be set to generate Chords and polyphonic note streams for ART Polyphonic oscillators.



Size: 8HP – Depth: 40mm / 1.5"

Power: +12V 105mA / -12V 33mA

A classic all analog saw VCO core with 3 switchable modes, ART, 1V/Oct, LFO and is recommended as the basic building block for ART systems. It is designed for patching analog polyphonic synths from discrete modules or multi-mono patches in ART mode. When using ART the ATX1 takes care of the tuning including accounting for temperature changes. In 1V/Oct mode the ATX1 runs as a standard old school modular VCO. LFO mode drops the frequency range and is great for patching vibrato to other ATX1s among other things. The ATX1 outputs variable waveshapes with manual or CV control. Classic FM, PWM and hard sync are provided. A dedicated Gate Out in ART mode manages the voice envelopes or any modulation synced to that voice. We consider the ATX1 the best sounding analog VCO we ever created.



Size: 8HP – Depth: 40mm / 1.5"

Power: +12V 80mA / -12V 25mA

An ART wavetable dual oscillator mono voice source that can be used to build polyphonic patches and multi voice patches. It generates its harmonically rich sound using two 80s vintage D/A converters to feed your filters and effect processors. VORTEX comes loaded with dozens of wavetables, plus additional user wavetables can be loaded from the front panel SD card. A detune knob controls the second VCO and adds effects from deep phasing to a sub octave. The position knob and CV input selects waves in the tables and vibrato from LFOs to create FM. Like other ART sound generators a dedicated Gate output manages the voice envelope or any modulation synced to that voice. VORTEX is a great companion to the analog ATX1 and a must for digital synthesist enthusiasts.



Size: 8HP – Depth: 40mm / 1.5”

Power: +12V 50mA / -12V 55mA

Is an all in one voice dynamics module that helps build full voices quickly. It contains two analog envelopes with velocity cv, and one VCA. In a typical voice patch the left envelope will control a filter and the right envelope will be the voice VCA. Velocity control is provided for each envelope and delay front panel trimmers are used to compensate for any miss match between incoming gate signal and velocity CV timings. Envelope cv outs are 0-5V, Velocity cv ins are 0-5V.
system 1

The Analog Bundle S1 - $945 save 33%

time limited, while supplies last

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The Analog Bundle S2 - $999 save 33%

time limited, while supplies last

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The S1 and S2 are promotional bundles that we are offering to our users, providing a 33% savings to get you started with ART. With these bundles, we include one of our favorite voices: the big, beefy 3 VCO stack (did we mention it’s beefy?). The bundles come in two options: Bundle S1, which uses the ART V/OCT Quantizer as a controller, and Bundle S2, which uses Octopus as a controller. In addition to the controllers, there are three ATX1 analog oscillators, MIX7 for mixing them with plenty of headroom, and followed by our beloved 4-pole Z2040 filter that has been with us since the day we started; it just sounds so good. Finally, we end up with Control Path dual envelope plus VCA dynamics modules. This special price is time limited and while supplies last.



Size: __HP – Depth: __mm – 

Power: +12V __ma / -12V __ma

Is Tiptop Audio’s new type of modular synthesizer patch cable that can pass multiple audio channels using minimal panel space. This innovative design finally adds to modular the capability to patch more than one signal at a time and unleash the full potential of polyphonic system using ART. Polytips uses the industry standard USB Type C although it is not a USB cable (and USB cables do not work with Polytip). Internally multiple lines of shielded analog audio lines pass from end to end maintaining excellent sound quality.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD



Size: 20HP – Depth: 40mm 

Power: +12V 190mA / -12V 50mA

Is a polyphonic 6 voice ART wavetable oscillator inspired by the hardware design and sound of the PPG Wave 2.2. Dozens of wavetables are provided internally and user tables can be loaded via SD CARD. VORTEX6 has built in Vibrato, Glide, and six wave table scrolling envelopes all with CV. ART in jack and a built-in voice manager take care of incoming notes and distribute them to audio gate and velocity outs either on per voice 3.5mm jacks or the Polytip jacks. Together with OCTOPUS, one or more OCTOSTAGES, OCTOPASS and OCTOGAIN and a few Polytip patch cables make a complete six voice polyphonic synth. Alternatively VORTEX6 can be patched to discrete mono modules or use its voice mix out for paraphonic soundscapes.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD



Size: 20HP – Depth: 40mm 

Power: +12V 100mA / -12V 100mA
Is an eight voice 24db/octave low pass filter based on the classic 2044 filter. All eight filters are fully analog with gain compensation of resonance and the lovely lush sound of classic synths. A global frequency modulation CV using a 3.5mm jack can be used to modulate all eight incoming CVs of the Polytip jack. The typical use is to patch polyphonic synthesizers with the use of only a few Polytip patch cables for its audio ins and outs and its cut-off frequency controls. To tap each filter I/O or CV using discrete modules the OCTO I/O module can be used as an expander. As there are eight filters in the module special attention has been given to power consumption efficiency.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD



Size: 20HP – Depth: 40mm 

Power: +12V 185mA / -12V 165mA

Is an eight voice fully analog envelope generator made with the original envelopes of the 1979 OBX. Each of the eight envelopes feature a Gate in, Envelope OUT, Velocity CV in and Attack CV in control as well as an output led indicator. A master output level knob and CV using 3.5mm jack are provided to control or modulate all envelope output levels globally. To tap to each envelope in, out or CV using discrete modules the OCTO I/O module can be used as an expander. As there are eight EGs in the module special attention has been given for power consumption efficiency.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD



Size: 16HP – Depth: 40mm

Power: +12V 42mA / -12V 35mA

Is a eight voice polyphonic analog audio VCA plus a eight voice mixer with master level control and odd/even (Right and Left) channels for a stereo output and clipping indicator. All eight VCA ins and outs are simultaneously available through Polytip jacks and 3.5mm jacks so the module can be used in a variety of ways both polyphonic or multi-voice monophonic. The fully analog audio path has exponential CV control. CV inputs are 0-5V, typical audio input is 10Vp.p. A global Offset knob allow to open all VCAs manually or apply positive offset to incoming CV. The design uses very low power consumption with excellent audio quality.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD



Size: 6HP – Depth: __mm – 

Power: +12V __ma / -12V __ma

Is a bi directional passive Polytip to 3.5mm expander and a Polytip Mult. The expander section lets you break out to each individual voice from a polyphonic module. The mult section lets you mult Polytip polyphonic signals from one source to multiple destinations. For example patching the OCTOSTAGES envelopes to control both your OCTOPASS filters and HEXAGAIN VCAs.

Estimate release: September 2024
Estimated price: TBD